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{July 31, 2013}   The Garden of Books…

Garden at Flower Show

This morning I read Colline’s blog about curling up on the couch with a book and tea…Oh, I could so relate!

It inspired me to pull out a poem I wrote several years ago about reading and share it.  My reading time has always been the highlight of my day (except for going for a walk outside on a beautiful day). Reading is going for a virtual walk. 🙂

Reading in the Morning

 The story grabs me

like a childhood friend;

Together we tumble

through a garden gate,

where the words are blooms,

some delicate, some loud,

vying for my raptured gaze.

In this garden of a book,

there are places to pause and sit

and soak it in,

and places to roll,

smell the soft grass.

I watch the sun

scamper squirrel-like

around the garden,

teasing the leaves

and branches.

I watch them brush each other

hesitant, yet tender

as new lovers,

my vicarious pleasure,

becomes longing and then…

I come to the end.

There is reality,

solid as a wall my fingers can touch;

away from the sun,

the stones are cold.

Duty time has come

too soon.

The world calls,

harsh as a crow’s caw.

Time to leave this place;

place my closed book


and get to work.

Mike says:

Delightful whimsy with colour, tone and detail – a lively rhythm too. Well done.


sued51 says:

Why, thank you Mike! For your comments and for coming to visit! 🙂


Colline says:

Love your poem and the comparison of reading to enjoying a garden, and words to blooms.
Thank you for the link to my blog – glad to learn that your read led to you sharing this beautiful poem.


sued51 says:

Thank you for inspiring me Colline!


Christi says:

Thanks for sharing this fun, whimsical poem! I could almost smell the green of the grass. 🙂


sued51 says:

thanks for commenting, Christi…so glad you could go to the garden with me! 🙂


Many Little Drops says:

‘Garden of Books’ is such a great title — evoking blossoming, growth, opening up in both flowers & readers:)


sued51 says:

Thank you for your visit and positive comment!


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