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{May 12, 2013}   Sunday Post: Mother’s Day

mother and daughter

My mother and Me

I usually do Jake’s Sunday Post on my other blog (Last Train to Qville).  But today I wanted to do a poetic tribute, rather than a photographic one.  I’m going to dinner with my mother today, and I’m really looking forward to it, even though we talk on the phone every day. She is a treasure in my life that I am very grateful for.


Many years ago you made my clothes,

Yellow birthday cake and scalloped potatoes;

Your only girl, you needed me girly,

Amongst the boys — I should be delicate, pretty —

Yet I climbed trees, ran rough and squirrely;

you endlessly brushed pine pitch from my hair,

Because I climbed trees and took the dares,

Of brothers who thought I should be like them —

And you loved me still.

When I favored my father, in interests and looks,

I wouldn’t learn to sew or cook, and

Seemed not to appreciate your skills —

You waited and you loved me still.

When we didn’t talk in teenaged years,

Sullen and silent, I hid my tears

in my room, alone;

You were stalwart and strong, let me find my way,

Through a new woman’s world –

it was a new day – you wished you could

steer me through, even though I seemed nothing like you,

and yet, you loved me anyway.

Then in my twenties I began to crochet,

to talk to you about my day;

I changed and

I listened to what you had to say and

found my voice a lot like yours.

We were women together against it all,

I wanted to be like you, stand tall.

I saw in you the strongest of the strong —

A beautiful bird with a glorious song.

Every step in your amazing life,

You weathered with dignity — all the strife

The hard times, the sacrifice.

Now here you are in your later years:

my ally, my protector, my grace —

I have found beside you, a daughter’s place.

You have been there all along, waiting for me,

To join you there and see its beauty,

A place where my love is too strong to sever

The place where I will love you forever.

Happy Mother’s Day!



Beautiful dedication.


sued51 says:

Thank you, Chatty! 🙂


soonie2 says:

Just beautiful! Enjoy your day Sue!


sued51 says:

Thank you, Suz! Hope you have a fabulous Mother’s Day! 🙂


djmrakiey says:

This is a touching tribute, ♥


sued51 says:

Thank you!


Happy Mothers Month Sued ,Thanks for sharing this beautiful post my friend 🙂


Colline says:

This is such a beautiful tribute to your mom.


sued51 says:

Thank you, Colline!


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