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{December 31, 2012}   A Time-Worn Resolution: Breaking Patterns in the New Year

I make resolutions every year — or to put it another way — I set goals every year, as most people do with varying degrees of success. I believe the motivation behind the resolution or goal is the key to its success: why do you want to do it? Because you think you should? Because someone else wants you to? Because you feel like circumstances are forcing you to?

As I got ready to set my goals for 2013, and as I hand-wrote a rough draft of this blog in a notebook with aching hands, I pondered my writing habits. I’m thinking the time may have come when I have to change them. I don’t know what is wrong with my hands (tendonitis…arthritis?), but it has already been a few weeks and the pain is not only not subsiding, it seems to be escalating. I could use this as an excuse not to write, but I can’t allow it. Should I get an ergonomic pen? Speak into a dictaphone (which I actually have; I can’t afford Dragon)? Would typing be better?

My current morning pages notebook

My current morning pages notebook

Although I’m a decent typist (having worked as a secretary right after college) I still prefer hand-writing in a spiral-bound notebook with ruled pages. Friends over the years have gifted me with some lovely journals, which sit there like “good china,” waiting for the special occasion, that SOMEDAY when I will feel like I am finally the writer I want to be, when everything I write will be brilliant and worthwhile, clothed between luxuriant covers. SIGH…

My new beautiful journal

My new beautiful journal

I’ve always been like this: saving the “good jewelry” for special occasions that never seem to happen; saving the “good poems” for special publications that I never get up the courage to submit to. When I was a young art major, one of the best drawings I ever created was done on newsprint paper. My art teacher asked me why I did that. There was no creative reason; it wasn’t elemental to the concept or an essential factor in the art produced. My answer: “I didn’t think it was going to come out that good and I didn’t want to waste good paper.” I have to ask myself, “why don’t I think I’m good enough to use good paper or good journals?”

Just change your habits you say; it is simple, just go ahead and write in the good journals. I have tried that a few times. My closet contains some lovely leather-covered journals with a couple of entries, abandoned because their beauty did not inspire me to new heights; their outsides did not elevate what was inside.  Morning pages are just morning pages whether they are written in a cheap cardboard-covered notebook or a leather-bound book with handcrafted paper.

What are “Morning Pages” you might ask, if you have not read Julia Cameron’s books. I have turned to the “Artist’s Way” every year with the best of intentions. This time I’m reading “Finding Water” for a change of pace. Same author, same principles: sit down and hand-write 3 pages as soon as you get up. Get rid of all the random negative thoughts you may have as you start your day. Get in touch with your feelings and your “small still voice” inside. In Julia’s words (from page 14 of  “Finding Water”):

Be trivial, be petty, whine, grump, groan, and complain. Morning Pages siphon off a haze of negativity through which we normally face our day. The negativity goes onto the page instead of just wafting around us as we make our way through our daily lives. “These pages are boring,” you might complain. Write them anyway.

Julia recommends doing it for twelve weeks to make it a habit you will stick with; I never seem to be able to do that. I ultimately fall off to a couple of days a week, and that is the never-ending story of my “journaling” activities. But a funny thing happened as I read the next paragraph, sitting down to write my morning pages. I understood why I prefer to write in the spiral-bound notebooks!

Julia goes on to say: Sometimes we try too hard to have something to say. We feel desperate but we don’t want to act desperate. We want to pose a little–even on the page. Posing gets us nowhere. We do better to just come clean. It can take getting used to, this nakedness on the page…We want to pretend we have momentous things to say when the truth may be that we yearn to say something but we don’t know what.

I think when I write in the beautiful journals I feel like I’m posing. I’m putting pressure on myself; I’m not allowing myself to be “naked” on the page.

I started this post to write about the tendonitis or arthritis I’m having in my hands that is making it difficult for me to write right now, but the actual writing has revealed that this is just the latest excuse. (How can I write in these beautiful journals when my writing is cramped and nearly illegible?)

Breaking the habits seems difficult in itself, but facing the reasons behind those habits is more difficult still, and that confrontation may be the only way new habits can be created after all. Morning pages are worth their weight in gold, even if they are clothed in cardboard covers.

It is so tough to break habits or start ones. I hope your hands get better. I rarely hand-write anymore, and I used to prefer it. Now, I type. I have even typed on my little iPhone a whole post. I quit smoking New Year’s Day 2006. Best resolution ever. I haven’t been able to top it. But I celebrate my accomplishment every year. 7 years tomorrow. Happy New Year!


sued51 says:

Angelia, thanks for commenting.
Congrats on quitting smoking…I was never a smoker, but I’ve been around them and I know how hard it is to quit.
It seems I have developed arthritis in my hands; can’t get rid of it, but I will find ways to mitigate it. My most “important” goal this year is to submit at least one batch of poems per month to publications. I had the same resolution 10-15 years ago and it resulted in getting 3 poems published so I know it works! Happy New Year to you!


rommel says:

It’s getting harder and harder for me to write. My grammar is getting much awful. My writing is no longer creative, just shoot from the hip style. I sure still write and scribble notes and reminders to a paper, but technology did really factored in my creative outlet in writing.
More power and have a fun and creative blogging year ahead. Happy New Year!


sued51 says:

Thanks for stopping by and commenting Rommel. I’m an editor and notice myself making more mistakes in spelling these days: a combination of age and rushing through things. Frustrating!
Happy New Year to you!


Christi says:

I love gorgeous journals — and I have the same problem with saving them and using the ratty notebooks instead! Also, I’ve found that I can type much longer than I can write before my wrists hurt. I’m not sure what kind of problem you have with your hands/wrists, but if it’s carpal tunnel related, wrist braces (the soft kind you can get at a drug store) really help. Oddly, I also find that wearing the wrist brace while I’m sleeping helps my wrists dramatically — I think it must keep them from moving around and therefore allow them to rest/heal. Happy New Year!


sued51 says:

Hey Christi,
Thanks for your comment. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has problems using the good journals. 🙂
I bought one of those wrist braces, but it didn’t seem to do the trick. The pain is really concentrated in my thumbs. From what I have been reading, I think it is arthritis. My mom just gave me a thumb brace so I’m going to try that. I also got a “Dr Grip” pen to see if that helps. I won’t let it stop me from writing though!!


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