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{December 14, 2012}   “Tis the Season: Favorite Music!

Time to pull out the old holiday favorites: music, books, and films. Everybody has them. The Christmas music CDs that we love to hear, once a year, no matter how old they are; the movies we’ve seen a bazillion times, but it won’t seem like Christmas if we don’t watch them one more time.

My family has a 25-disc CD changer in our living room, which I usually load up with the Christmas CDs that I have acquired over the years. This year I had to break from tradition; unfortunately the receiver broke a while ago and we haven’t replaced it. My husband tends to be content with just turning to a music station on the TV, but I want to hear my favorite songs, so I decided I would load a few of my holiday CDs into my car, which  forced me to choose my favorites. Without further ado, here’s what I chose.

AmyGrantAmy Grant’s first Christmas Album satisfies my spiritual needs with a little bit of country; she combines gospel songs with some traditional, more commercial Christmas songs, into a very enjoyable collection.

JohnDenverAnother favorite oldy but goody for me is John Denver’s Rocky Mountain Christmas Album. I think his voice and singing style are perfect for Christmas hymn-type songs, and I get the “western” feel.

ChristmasWishesI had to throw in a “various” CD with some really old carols. It’s not Christmas to me without hearing Johnny Mathis and Nat King Cole, the songs my parents played, reminding me of my childhood.

80'sMy guilty pleasure: The Big 80’s Christmas compilation because some of the songs and versions are pretty obscure (like the Squeeze song, , and I discovered and enjoyed them at a memorable time in my life.

BareNakedLadiesFinally, something more recent, the Bare Naked Ladies Christmas CD, mostly because I absolutely LOVE their version of “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” recorded live with Sarah McLachlan. A little wacky, like going to  your cousin’s Christmas party.

Obviously there are many other holiday CDs that I like (more than enough for me to fill the whole 25-CD changer — my honorable mention: Loreena McKennitt and Aimee Mann), and there are new Christmas CDs coming out all the time, but favorites are favorites. What are yours?

gee says:

Jimmy Buffett Christmas Island
Kenny Loggins December
Charlie Brown Christmas
Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

Just a few of my favorites.


sued51 says:

Thanks for commenting…Jimmy Buffett and Rudolph are part of my 25…I’ll bet I would like Kenny Loggins if I heard it.


I have nominated your blog to receive the Wonderful Team Readership award. Please check it out.

I wish you a wonderful holiday season, and a happy new year!

Denise, aka friendlytm
Dec 18, 2012


sued51 says:

Thank you! I appreciate your likes and comments…and Hope you also have a great holiday season!


Thanks so much for your response. Have a great one!


I would like to thank you for being #5 on my commenters list. You have been so kind, so responsive, and supportive to my blogs.
I wish you and yours a wonderful 2013!


sued51 says:

That’s funny, Denise…I think you are #5 for me too!
My thanks right back at you!


That’s great! It means we have a meaningful blogging relationship!


Peter S says:

We have that Amy Grant CD too, and always listen to the Charlie Brown Christmas CD every year.

I always look forward to Letterman’s Christmas show where he has Darlene Love sing too.


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