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{August 30, 2012}   Thirsty Thursday: BLT Bloody Mary

You’ve probably heard of Wordless Wednesday? Well, I thought I’d do Thirsty Thursday. My husband made this BLT Bloody Mary for me for my birthday. I LOVED it!

You take the lettuce, tomato, and bacon, dip them into the Bloody Mary, and put them together with the Texas Toast. It’s messy, but delicious!


Herman says:

Hey there… go easy on the booze! Happy Birthday.


sued51 says:

LOL, I wasn’t clear that this picture was taken last December…I was just looking for something to post because I was working extra hours this week and didn’t have time to prepare/write anything.
I appreciate the wishes though!!


Herman says:

Ha ha ha… Well, better late than never!


Giovanni says:

Happy Birthday, Sued!


sued51 says:

Thanks, Giovanni…my birthday is actually in December…I was just thinking of starting a series on interesting drinks and that came to mind. That picture was taken last year and I wasn’t clear about that when I posted it.
I certainly appreciate the good wishes though!!!


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