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{August 26, 2012}   A Fan’s History of 80’s Boston Bands: U is for…

There actually was a Boston Band beginning with U: Unnatural Axe.  Although I knew of them (they had a sort of “legendary” status–there was a documentary movie made about them), I never saw them. I became a fan of Richie Parsons later; I saw him in the band Future Dads (Lee Harrington from the Neighborhoods was also in that band). I was always amazed and honored when I purchased records or cds at Newbury Comics and he was at the register!

That being said, I’m going to cheat again and talk about U2. Boston was their home away from home in the beginning of the career before they became successful worldwide. I never got to see them perform at any of the small clubs in town, but I did get the chance to see them talk up close and personal at the Paradise. My roommate Julie had a U2 fanzine (with a friend from Chicago). When the band was filming their documentary, “Rattle and Hum,” they set up a press conference with their fanzine authors/editors. Julie had two tickets; because Lisa lived in Chicago, she couldn’t go, so Julie took me as her “photographer.” Although they never used any of the footage in the documentary, it was SO exciting to be there!

Adam, The Edge, and Larry were there for quite a while, but no Bono. The audience was a little nervous and distracted, I think, wondering when and if he would show up. Maybe that’s why the footage wasn’t what the director had envisioned. Then…there he was, arm in a sling, from dislocating it during a concert at RFK Stadium in Washington, DC a couple nights before (September 20, 1987). So…my photo has some “historical” significance after all, I guess.

Herman says:

Great story! I missed a U2 gig in a local club back in the 80’s. There were only 100 men present that night. Unbelievable…


sued51 says:

If we had only known, huh? I sure would have liked to see them play in a small venue. They had opened for The Pretenders at a 2500 seat club where I later worked. What a show that must have been…


peters154 says:

Wow, that must have been exciting to be at that press conference!

I have only seen them once and that was at the Paradise, with Pastiche opening, so long ago!

Also remember Carter Alan interviewing them often on WBCN.


Cynthia Gardner says:

I was also at that press conference. It was really exciting! I’ve been looking for the video taken by the filmmakers. There is a bootleg dvd called Rattle and Hum Outtakes that has the entire ress conference on it. Because it was so long ago I haven’t been able to find the entire thing, just the first part. Do you have it on video? Here’s the first 10 minutes anyway.*26+Filmy+muzyczne/U2+-+Rattle+And+Hum/Rattle+And+Hum+Outtakes/2.+Boston*2c+21.09.1987+Press+Conference,162743165.mpg


sued51 says:

Wow, Cynthia! It was awesome to be there, wasn’t it? Thanks for attaching that link. I will check it out! It would be great to find that bootleg!


Hi Sue,

My name is Natalie and I’m contacting you from Melbourne, Australia.

I’m working on a documentary called ‘Meet Me in the Sound’, which looks at U2’s fan community around the world.

If you could please contact me, I’d like to ask you some questions about this blog post.

Thank you so much.

Take care,



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