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{August 13, 2012}   Publishing Poems

Okay, so I sit for hours with the Poet’s Market on my lap, starring entries, dog-earring pages for later searches on the Internet. I’m looking for somewhere to send my poems. I tried asking poets I knew for help…they were too busy to respond. They are probably spending hours and hours too, but they are experienced and more successful at it.

I Google and Google…the hours pass and pass. What I am looking for? Someone who writes like me. But why? So “they” will ACCEPT my poems. Why? Why do I need that? To feel “legitimate”  I need others to choose my poems out of countless others. SIGH…it makes me crazy.

Hmmm…I wonder why my blog is not good enough for publishing a poem? It’s tossing my pebble out there to see what rings it makes…taking the chance it makes none at all…just goes clunk and is gone…a moment in time.

Speaking of time…I have to go to the gym and then off to work. I guess I’ll just throw this out there and enjoy the rings for now…or accept the lack thereof with grace and good humor.

That is the story of my life up to this moment…and likely beyond.


Words bleed out slowly

but clot quickly;

thick skin over thin,

white over brown;

itchy with the healing,

tight over bone;

scarring is unique,


without it,


Copyright, 2012

Susan Desrocher

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