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{July 5, 2012}  

I absolutely love this concept. I don’t think you can really get to know a blogger by reading one post…camping is a great way to get to know someone…

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I love to go camping. Unfortunately, I have not been camping in almost 20 years. My knees, ankles, and friends won’t let me go camping.

However, no one can stop me from going camping on the Internet, and that I do each day.

If you leave a like or a comment in my blog, I promise that I’ll eventually be by to visit your blog. It might not be today, or even next week. But I’ll be there. And when I get there, it’s highly likely that I’ll camp out in your blog for a little while — reading, liking, and commenting.

Today I camped out in nine blogs. I left from six to nineteen likes in each blog, as well as no comments up to nine comments.

The number of likes I leave is highly related to how many posts you have published since last time I visited your…

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Thanks so much for the reblog!


sued51 says:

You are very welcome! Great concept!


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