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{June 23, 2012}   A Fan’s History of 80’s Boston Bands: L is for Lou Miami

There were so many Boston club bands beginning with “L”: The Lyres, La Peste, Limbo Race, and Robin Lane and the Chartbusters, but I had to choose Lou. Lou Miami was unique. Long before judges on American Idol talked about “making a song your own,” Lou sang a version of Lulu’s song “To Sir With Love” that sounded like no other. (The link I’ve posted here isn’t great, but he was great live. Read some of the comments on this video from people who knew him or saw him live.)

I wish I had clearer pictures of him. The photos below were taken in 1981 at a tiny club called the Inn Square Men’s Bar (a great club that shut down in 1984), and they didn’t allow the use of a flash. My Pentax K1000 shutter was open as much as I dared in the low light. Too far open and the shots would have been a complete blur; Lou moved around a lot as he performed.

Jane, Eric and I saw Lou a lot those days, but these seem to be the only photos I have. If we were ever up for a Monday night gig (which didn’t happen often — we were usually recovering after the weekend), Lou played at Cantone’s every Monday. He was a an energetic and ALIVE performer. Unfortunately Lou Miami passed away in 1995, but those who were lucky enough to see him will never forget him.


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