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{June 20, 2012}   A Fan’s History of 80’s Boston Bands: K is for Tommy Keene

(I couldn’t even take these out of my photo album to scan-they were stuck)

This is the last time I will cheat until “Q”.

Because Tommy Keene was from the East Coast, he came to Boston quite often in the 80’s. Jane and I loved his well-crafted pop songs, and like Peter Dayton, he had THE HAIR. Places That Are Gone is an 80’s music classic. I remember being at Harvard Coop (a great place to buy LPs, posters, and books) the day his first major label LP was released; I couldn’t wait! When I asked the clerk for it, I got an admiring glance: here was a girl who knew her music!

These photos were taken at what was a dream show for me at the Paradise: Tommy opened for Lloyd Cole and the Commotions, another favorite of mine (Lloyd had a big influence on me; I wrote about his music on my other blog, Last Train to Qville). I remember Jane and I leaving the club for some fresh air between sets and seeing Tommy walking down the street with some bandmates. He was wearing a letter jacket and looked much younger than his years. I yelled “Hey Tommy!” He turned at looked at us, but I had no idea what else to say (I was losing my touch!). We just smiled and waved and he kept on walking.

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