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{June 3, 2012}   A Fan’s History of 80’s Boston Bands: I is for…

Ok, I’m doing it again…I have got to say Icicle Works. They are British, but it’s a good story.

One of the biggest radio stations and supporters of local bands, WBCN, was having a “music expo.” One of my favorite new bands, Icicle Works, was going to be performing, and (my memory is a little hazy on this) I think Eric was going to be working at a booth at the expo selling records. So, of course Jane and I had to go.

I had a little “crush” on the lead singer of the band, Ian McNabb, because I loved his voice. He would sometimes play the keyboard and guitar at the same time while singing. As someone quite uncoordinated, I thought this was amazing.

I happened to see him walking around with the bass player — Wow! Eric had trained me well, so I headed right over. Although it was usually a piece of cake for me to make conversation…my crush had me tongue-tied. I asked him for his autograph and then…nothing…I just stared. Gotta say something…”I can’t believe you can play the keyboards and guitar at the same time while you’re singing…You’re SO talented.” GULP. He smirked, said “thank you,” handed me the autograph and walked away. Jane, who had been hanging in the background started laughing. I could feel my face burning.

WBCN was broadcasting live. A bit later they had an interview with Icicle Works. The DJ mentioned Ian’s playing the keyboards and the guitar. In the background came the bass player’s voice, imitating a girl, “He’s SO talented.” “Shut up” said Ian, as his band mates laughed.

“Did you hear that?” says Jane. Oh yeah…


Jane Williamson says:

Love it! Oh yeah,,,


sued51 says:

One of life’s embarrassing moments, but a fun memory anyway. 🙂



ELaw says:

i do not remember any of this at all……………………WOW! so maybe i was selling records.


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