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{April 27, 2012}   A Fan’s History of 80’s Boston Bands: D is for Peter Dayton Band

Peter Dayton taken at Jaspers in 1982.

Jane and I first went to see the Peter Dayton Band because Eric was interested in them. Eric knew his music history: Peter Dayton was the frontman/guitarist in the Boston punk band, La Peste, before forming his own band. His songwriting was critically acclaimed: the songs were simple and well-written, and they used a electronic keyboard (later used so effectively by The Cars).  (This is a great review of a compilation.) We ended up seeing them quite often, though they weren’t a band we “talked to.”

There were so many great songs: Stuck on the Same Refrain, Love at First Sight, Perfect Wave…but to be honest, the one that I can still hear in my head today is “I love your hair, oh yeah, oh yeah…”  And I did love his hair – short in the back with a curly mop hanging over his forehead. I loved it so much I ended up getting my hair cut the same way. I called it my “rockabilly” hairdo.

Posing in front of an optometrist's window: Jane on left, me on the right


The band didn’t last long, but I had to put up with the hair for a while until it grew out.


Great post my friend 🙂


sued51 says:

Thanks, Jake! 🙂


[…] came to Boston quite often in the 80′s. Jane and I loved his well-crafted pop songs, and like Peter Dayton, he had THE HAIR. Places That Are Gone is an 80′s music classic. I remember […]


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