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{April 10, 2012}   A Fan’s History of 80’s Boston Bands: B is for Boy’s Life

Jane and I weren’t huge fans of Boy’s Life, but we inevitably saw them a few times as the opening band for our favorite headliners. What made them stand out in the scene at that time were some well-written songs and a horn — not many bands had a horn.The band members were young, and they were set up as the alternative to the other “young” band on the scene, The Outlets (I”ll be writing about them when I get to “O”).

The first time we saw Boy’s Life, they were opening for The Atlantics at a club on the North Shore (unfortunately I don’t remember the name of it…after what happened we never went there again). We listened and watched from a table near the front. We didn’t dance because it was early and we were saving our energy for The Atlantics. Still new to the club scene, I made a fatal error that night: when the Atlantics came on, I left my purse on my chair while we danced. Thus, a fun night ended badly; my wallet was stolen. When I spoke with workers there, I got a shrug with NO sympathy — to them, I was the idiot that left my purse. I DO learn from my mistakes though; I never brought my purse in a club again. From then on I would either leave it in the car, or just bring money and my driver’s license in my pocket.

I think the only other time we saw Boy’s Life play, it was as part of the WBCN Rock and Roll Rumble (1980). The postscript to the story is that many years later I met the brother of the lead singer, David R.Surette, who helped pen some of the songs (see my previous blog). We had a great time talking about clubs and bands of that era. It’s ultimately a small world.

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[…] a bit of press in the 80′s Boston Music Scene because of his age at the time (14 years old). Boy’s Life and The Outlets had been there before him (though they were not quite as young), but achieved more […]


[…] I found this last week: my button collection (or badge collection as my British friend Brian would say). I made this guitar-shaped “pillow” to hang on the wall and display them back in my music-is-life days. I made one for my friend Jane too. (You can read about our favorite bands back in the 80s here.) […]


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