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{February 18, 2012}   Aging…Relatively

None of us can escape aging, but we can try not to look it directly in the face (with such tactics like avoiding mirrors and not allowing our picture to be taken). This approach can work temporarily, but when we watch others age, we have to face it indirectly; sometimes this can be even more dramatic (and horrifying). Seeing Tim Wakefield retire yesterday was one of those moments for me; watching The Grammy’s last weekend was another.
The Beach Boys performed on the Grammy Awards show and they looked like they just got off the bocce court in Florida. Although I enjoyed the music, I was also alarmed. Glen Campbell likely sang at his last Grammy show due to his Alzheimer’s. And of course, who can ignore the legendary Tony Bennett singing with people 1/4 of his age! Paul McCartney will probably still be singing at 100.
The bright side is that these people are still able to get up on a stage and entertain us; the flip side for me is that in facing their advanced age, I have to face my own. EEK!

It’s so weird to see my idols look old. Last Spring I saw Judy Collins and Buffy Ste.Marie. Judy had aged gracefully but imperfectly. Buffy had made time stand still. I loved them both.


sued51 says:

I agree. Somehow they are supposed to stay stopped in time…seeing The Beach Boys was especially jarring because their music will always seem “young”.


Pseu says:

51 = spring chicken. Or that’s what I tell myself.


sued51 says:

Sounds good to me! 🙂


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