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{January 16, 2012}   PS…I Think I Changed my Mind…

As soon as I wrote my “last” post on this blog and started working on the new one, I panicked.  Not everything I want to write fits my new format, which I intend to be photos, poems, and thought/fragments. I still want to write essays/stories every once in a while.  Everything can’t be made into a poem (or maybe it can?).

For example, the other day my mother told me she was reading old letters my father had written to her at least 50 years ago. There were “lost” stories she was telling me about — when my older brother walked into a mailbox on Halloween and cut his hand, and a neighbor had to clean him up — and it made me think about the fact that when generations beyond mine come to the end of their lives they likely won’t have such things to help them relive their lives; no one writes letters anymore.  Unless you are someone who prints and saves emails those “point in time” stories are gone forever.

I write to commit my stories and my life to words.  Many of the stories are already gone because I didn’t do this earlier; you think you won’t forget, but you do. Your mind is constantly evaluating what is important and what is not. That’s what I think is so wonderful about my mother’s letters; they represent what my mother and father thought was important and newsworthy at that moment in their lives.

So…I may keep plugging with some stories here, though most likely not on any type of schedule.

When you are reading “Last Train to Qville”, slip over and check this blog, I might just have felt inspired.


Fanny says:

Susan, I love this post!


sued51 says:

Thanks, Fanny!


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