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{December 31, 2011}   The Nature of Change

Nothing can stay the same (I know this is a cliché and I am stating the obvious…but it IS true); inevitably it will at some point become obsolete, disintegrate, or die. Change is an essential part of life, a necessary risk that produces something lesser or something better, but not THE SAME.

I’m the type of person who likes boundaries and rules (which is why I am a better editor than writer), consequently I don’t really embrace change. I tend to be doggedly attached to people and places; I don’t enjoy moving on and making new friends.  I do like to VISIT new places, but I always want to go home.  But I am digressing to psychological analysis (I know digressing is not effective writing– for nonfiction anyway).

Those characteristics and traits carry over to the online world. I have been subscribed to blogs that at first seemed informative, enjoyable, and well-written and then they changed; they became shilling sites for the blogger’s webinars and e-books. I understand why: the authors needed to make money or create a brand and market themselves to move forward in their chosen field. Despite my acknowledgment of the inevitability of change, the blog transformation disappoints me and I unsubscribe.

I have now reached the inevitable (gasp) “change” point with this blog. I thought I would find a subject on which I could claim myself an “expert” or find one “passion”, but I didn’t. I am in a transition period in my life, what is generally called “middle age” (though my theory is that when you don’t have children your life is divided in half…not thirds, thus there is no “middle age”, but again, I digress…). Although I feel like I still have more to say, it will not be here with THIS blog. I appreciate those of you who have subscribed and been loyal readers for the past 2 years; thank you for your comments and for choosing to spend some time with me.

Here’s the good news (I hope): I am creating a totally new blog for 2012 entitled, Last Train to QVille. It is still under construction. I’ll let you know when I have it up and running.  Happy New Year!



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