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{December 25, 2011}   A Lovely Christmas Gift

Just before Christmas I received a package in the mail that I wasn’t expecting: it was my copy of The Binnacle with my published poem!  What a special Christmas present for me!

I loved the presentation; it came in a little box. Each poem chosen in the competition was on a card (business-card size) with the author’s bio on one side and their poem/prose on the other. At the bottom of the box I found 9 cards of my own poem (including the one which appeared intermingled with the other work). The box is perfect for me to put on a little table and, every once in a while, pull out a poem to read.  I just may have to enter again in 2012!

Fanny says:

Nice poem
Hope to see you soon!
Merry Christmas


sued51 says:

Thanks, Fanny. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and I too hope to see you soon!


Sue P. says:

This is awesome, Sue. Congratulations!


Lovely. The presentation and the poetry.


sued51 says:

Thank you…although I can’t credit for the presentation 🙂


Giovanni says:

I appreciate this poem, Sued. It starts out powerfully with a juxtaposition of crocuses and soldiers. Crocuses are one of the first signs of spring (life) and you seem to end on that too: “the beginning of a new day.”


sued51 says:

Thank you for your comment and appreciation, Giovanni.


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