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{November 26, 2011}   Computer Withdrawal

It started with a thin vertical colored line, then another.  It hung at 6 for a little while, then 8.  A few more lines randomly appeared.  I put up with it because there were more important things we needed to spend money on other than fixing my laptop screen.  Also, my husband was planning on fixing it himself to save money.  Suddenly one day, there was a 2-inch wide white line, difficult to read around—the time had come.  Because it was not an opportune time for my husband to fix it, my laptop would have to go to a computer “doctor” and we would be separated. (I’m not one of those people with a fancy cell phone, and I can’t use my computer at work for personal stuff, so this would be a big deal for me.)

We brought it up the street to the aptly named, CPR, where we were told that my model of HP laptop was well-known to burn out its graphics card because of a design flaw; it might require a new “motherboard”— gadzooks!  You mean this wasn’t a one-day fix???  How would I cope?!

A proper diagnosis was necessary before we jumped to conclusions; we left it there and crossed our fingers while discussing worst case scenarios.  The call came within an hour — just the screen (Thank you! Thank you!), but…they didn’t have it in stock.  I was going to be a week without my computer —oh the horror — the withdrawal…

When all was said and done…it wasn’t as bad as I thought.  A week without having to clean up junk mail was actually quite enjoyable.  My world did not stop…although I have gone a long time without posting a blog…:-)

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