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{November 3, 2011}   Foodsaver: Money Saver?

We bought our first FoodSaver two years ago.  It worked great. We stocked up our freezer for the winter with meat when it was on sale during the summer months.  We were able to buy family packs of meat, which are cheaper, or a side of beef at the local meat market and have it cut into steaks. I was also able to freeze some vegetables from the garden. We felt like it was a great purchase.  Unfortunately the first one did not even last a year.  It would no longer create a vacuum seal; it just made a lot of noise.

We called the company because it was still under warranty.  Dealing with them required a long phone call, patience and aggressive complaining.  They insisted we had done something wrong or needed to clean the rubber gasket (which can’t have a spec of anything or it cannot create a seal).  We told them we had already tried to clean the gasket (which we had), and it still wouldn’t seal.  They said they would send us a new gasket.  No…we said, it is not the gasket; it needs to be fixed.  They finally agreed to try to repair it but they wanted us to pay the shipping. After more time on the phone and more aggressive complaining they finally agreed to send us a prepaid shipping label to send them the FoodSaver.  It took a while and we had to follow up, but they finally sent us another one.

Now we have had the second one almost a year and are crossing our fingers.  The freezer is full again for the upcoming winter.

I do believe the product is worth purchasing and can save you money.  If you make the bags large enough, you can wash them and reuse them to freeze smaller pieces of food, e.g., use a bag that contained a roast the first time to freeze a steak the second time.  Best of all, no freezer burn!  The food is fresh tasting when you defrost it and cook it (within a year for meat).  Also, we have bought produce at a warehouse club and used the vacuum sealing to keep mushrooms and other produce fresh longer in the refrigerator.

I recommend purchasing one but make sure you send in your warranty card.

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