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{October 28, 2011}   The Fall of a Boston Baseball Fan

As I was going through old poems for a chapbook project I am working on, I found this one.  It wasn’t dated, but it was a long time ago: back in the days when Bobby Orr advertised BankBoston (in the drought between Stanley Cups) and before the Patriots new stadium was built (and when the grass was real), in a year when football players were on strike.  Reading it over, though, I thought the sentiment was still relevant.  The end of the Red Sox season was so ugly and all the controversy does not make for an enjoyable hot stove season.

The Fall of a Boston Baseball Fan

One morning

I’m suddenly cold

Without a coat,

And there are

No more

Baseball games.

The season was lost

Long ago,

But I feel it now.

Peak color snuck away,

Dragging with it

Summer’s green grass,

Leaving a brown-tipped

Breed to the football teams

Whose heavy feet

Pound picket lines this year.

The green worn

By our basketball team, in

Dry-heated indoors

Only makes me dream

Of spring air,

And opening day,

Too far away.

Hockey games

Have begun,

But I still miss

Bobby Orr.

His bank commercials

And grey suits

Make me shiver,

Or maybe it’s just

The coming

Of winter.

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