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{October 11, 2011}   I Wish I Had my Camera…

My friends used to joke that phrase would be on my gravestone.  In my teens and twenties I was always taking pictures, not just to document events, but just for fun (and I do so love to pull out the old pics on Facebook).

Back then, I had a Pentax K-1000 (THE camera for most photography students) and several lens including a LONG zoom lens.  In order to carry the extra lenses, my camera case was almost the size of a briefcase, and it was heavy.  Even after the cases were improved and got smaller and more convenient (the second one I could wear around my waist); it was still too heavy to be a constant companion. At some point I came to think of it as a burden, and the feelings of satisfaction and “fun” of taking pictures were overwhelmed by the inconvenience of lugging the camera and case around.

My "second" Pentax camera case

That phrase should be unnecessary now; just about everyone has phones built into their cameras and digital cameras seem to be getting smaller and smaller — some are small enough to hide completely in your hand.  Now we are all able to capture moments that were formerly nothing but unrecorded memories (and some should probably have stayed that way).  The irony for me is that I take fewer pictures now than in the past.  I have asked myself why, without a satisfactory answer.  Maybe because it is too easy?  I don’t have a fancy digital camera that allows for manual adjustments and for some reason I don’t think the pictures are as good; maybe I haven’t practiced enough?  Hmmm…Maybe because I don’t like pictures of myself now that I am older and I’m sensitive that maybe others feel the same? (I think that’s a little too deep…).

I think the real reason is that digital cameras are so ubiquitous that I have started to take for granted that someone else will do it.  Thirty years from now I will probably regret it…maybe the phrase will be significant after all…


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