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{October 1, 2011}   Finding Comfort

The hospice association is having a memorial service this weekend for relatives of their deceased patients.  My father will be one of the people honored.  It is creeping on to almost one year since we lost him and we are all finding comfort in our own ways.

My father left me his artwork.  There were 5 pieces that he had framed for an art show when he was young and had very little money. Their plain document frames were chipped, and their glass dirty and, in one case, broken.  I wanted to put them on the wall, but they would need some reclamation.

Dad's Artwork before Reclamation

I began the project by removing all the frames and wiping them down. When I took them apart I found that the paper used for the artwork was thin, and the ones with mats were taped; I didn’t want to take the chance of trying to remove the mats and damaging the drawings, so I left the ones with mats as is.  I scanned the artwork for my siblings. I laid out all the frames in the garage and spray painted them with flat black paint.  I cleaned all the pieces of glass and stole a piece of glass from an unused frame I had in the house to replace the broken one.

After the paint dried I put them all back together and my husband arranged and hung them on the wall at the bottom of the stairs.  Now I see them every morning when I get up and go to the kitchen.  It makes me smile; I know my father would be pleased to have them displayed, and it makes me feel he is still close and watching over me.

Teju says:

Coping with the loss of our loved one is painful beyond description! I pray God to instill in you the strength needed to overcome the loss…


sued51 says:

Thank you, Teju!



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