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{July 23, 2011}   She Who Hesitates…

Photo of Bob I took during concert

I’m sure everyone has at least one moment like this in their life — a moment they relive often in their minds, not because the decision was life changing or important, but because it can be fun to imagine, “what if…?”

Long before Bob Geldof felt moved to help the African people with Live Aid, he was the lead singer of The Boomtown Rats.  It was 1982 and I was at the age of idolizing musicians; I greatly admired Geldof’s lyrics (and of course I thought he was cute too).  My friends and I went to see The Rats at the Peppermint Lounge in NYC.  Back then, fans were allowed to bring cameras into a club and take pictures of the band.  I was wearing a Ric Ocasek t-shirt (signifying I was from Boston) and had my trusty Pentax K-1000 around my neck. I was standing for the whole show in a mass of fans near the stage.

The band had a song called, “Having My Picture Taken.” When they played the song in concert they often invited their fans onstage; band members would grab the cameras and take pictures of their fans.  As they began playing the intro to the song, Bob Geldof must have spied my camera (and maybe he thought I was cute?) and motioned for me to come onstage.  I was shy enough back then to think he MUST mean someone else — I looked behind me and then looked back at him.  I pointed to myself as I looked incredulously at him, “Me?”  He nodded and motioned again for me to come up.  I froze — 30 seconds at most.  Unfortunately the fans around me did not.  They began swarming onto the stage.  The first thing I thought about was protecting my precious camera as I was jostled and pushed.  I finally moved forward to follow them and found a hand in my face.  A burly bouncer said, “No more.”  I looked at Geldof with pleading eyes.  He gave me a tight-lipped smile and shrugged his shoulders with a “thems-the-breaks” look and began dancing with another girl.  I was crushed.  The moment had passed me by.

Believe me, my friends heard over and over that night, “I can’t believe he invited ME up on the stage and I didn’t go!!!”  They just kept shaking their heads at me.  Once I got over my intense regret, we laughed about it.

I’m sure it wouldn’t have made any difference in my life in the long run, but I still think about it and shake my head at myself. Leave it to me to miss my 15 minutes of fame.


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