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{June 28, 2011}   The Irony Behind Yard Sales

What is the irony of a yard sale nowadays? The economy is bad and you need to make money, but you can’t; nobody’s spending and everybody’s looking for free stuff. As you drive down the street, it seems like everybody’s selling something in the front yard– their “toys” including motorcycles, boats, and sportscars — to plants or firewood.

Before the advent of online auction sites, yard sales were a legitimate way to make some extra cash when you needed it. If you had furniture as part of your yard sale, you were almost guaranteed to make over $100. These days, having a yard sale is just another way to get rid of extra stuff, not a true money-making activity. If you like meeting people, sitting around for the day, and you hope to see some of your extra stuff find a home, by all means, have a yard sale. Don’t expect to make much money, and expect to put a lot of leftovers out front with a “free” sign or donate them.
My husband and I have had a couple of yard sales, trying to help my mother get rid of some stuff and make her a little money. We were hoping to do the same. When there were initially no customers, we sat silently looking at all the unwanted items. I said, “I’m thinking about all the money we wasted on this stuff.” My husband said, “I’m thinking about all the time I spent working to pay for this stuff.” It was an enlightening and sobering experience.
We eventually got some customers and sold a few things, but I was left with this thought: Don’t buy anything unless you really need it and you plan to use it until it breaks, or you absolutely love it and will enjoy looking at it for the rest of your life.


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