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{June 20, 2011}   Observing Nature: A Baby Bird Story

One of the things I record in my daily journal is an inventory of the wildlife I see each day. This can range from commonly seen bunnies to birds, like blue herons and orioles. Every once in a while there may be something a little more unusual, like raccoons, ground hogs, or deer. To me, there’s nothing that makes me feel part of the world at large like watching wildlife go about their daily lives; it makes me feel blessed, not to mention all that I learn about animal behavior.

Last week I was sitting at my desk with the window open in our upstairs office. I suddenly heard something hit the screen. I looked over and saw a fuzzy-headed baby bird, hanging on for dear life; then, it dropped out of sight. I quickly told my husband what happened then went outside to check on the bird’s fate.

I couldn’t stop myself from looking at the ground first; I breathed a sigh of relief that it wasn’t there. I looked up and saw him/her huddled on the top of a bush below the window. Then the parents – grackles – began to fly in circles at window height squawking in panic. I recognized that there was nothing I could do except hope for the best, and hurried back into the house. Certainly I didn’t want to be attacked by the birds for trying to help.

By the time my husband and I went outside for a walk about 20 minutes later, the baby was nowhere to be seen. Neither were the parents. I could only hope he/she had found its way back to the nest. I prefer my nature alive and well.

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