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{April 18, 2011}   Living Without a Safety Net

Yesterday we went to Palm Sunday services at a lovely small-town Congregational church for my great-nephew’s christening.  It was a bright spring day, after the rain and clouds cleared out.  I’ve rarely enjoyed a service so much; it felt joyous and as comfortable as a big family.  The minister kept people laughing and really seemed to care about his congregation.  My hubby said, “Too bad this church isn’t closer to us or I would go.”  I agreed.  Throughout my life, my off-and-on church attendance has always been dependent on whether the church felt like a comfortable and joyous place to be or whether it felt stiff and intimidating.  To me, it all has to do with its leader: priest, minister, or preacher;  to me it doesn’t matter which it is, as long as they treat people well and live God’s love.

That said, the sermon was serious enough to make me think, but not so serious that I felt burdened.  The minister said that in today’s world, there are no safety nets.  I felt that it was so true; when I was younger I always believed someone would take care of me when times were tough: my family, my government, or God.  Today I don’t feel that confidence; life feels fragile and frightening.

The minister related his comment to Jesus going into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, knowing it was unsafe and knowing the tough fate he would face because of it, and yet, he lived the life he was meant to live. To me, his comment made sense.  The difference between the life I have lived in the past and the life I want to live depends on recognizing that and dealing with it.  I used to be deluded into thinking safety nets were there, and now I know it was a trick of the sun and the brightness of times.  When times are dark, we can easily see the ground below and feel fear.  How we deal with the knowledge and the fear determines how we live our lives.  I find it to be a daily struggle, but I’m grateful for days like yesterday when the people around us make it feel easy.


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