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{April 4, 2011}   The HD Difference


We recently upgraded our dish to receive the HD signal.  We had a free trial and loved High Definition TV: we found the vibrancy of the colors and ability to see textures were addictive.  We could almost watch anything and not be bored.  

Unfortunately someone in our household did not like it at all! Our cat Aimee, who is very nervous and skittish by nature, all of a sudden wouldn’t lie on our laps or flop on the floor while we were watching TV. We saw her regarding the TV with fear and trepidation just passing through the room.  This was especially when the weather was on: she thought the weatherman was in the room!

Speaking of the HD difference, this was the first time we got to watch the Red Sox Opening Day on HD TV.  We were sitting in our living room on a gray windy day with rain/snow falling outside and the Red Sox were in Texas, where it was warm and sunny.  I almost felt as if I could feel the warmth coming off the screen; I wanted to walk through the screen like it was a doorway; I could be getting off a plane there.

 The grass was so green and the Rangers shirts were so red.  I was reminded of the first time I got to see Fenway Park in person.  I remember walking up the ramp and being struck by the colors of the park — the grass seemed to be Disney green, like a dream world.  HD felt like that, unfortunately, on this Opening Day in Texas I was brought back to reality pretty quickly with a Red Sox loss.

Nevertheless, I’m finding myself loving HD.  I’m sure Aimee will too…eventually.

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