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{March 21, 2011}   Ah…Spring!

It’s finally here, at least according to the calendar.  As I write this, snow flakes are falling, but not sticking on the ground…(oh-oh…as I continue to write they are starting to stick).

This is usually the time of year when the still-chilly air is balanced out by the warm, strengthening sun on our backs as we do our yard work, and this year will require a lot of clean-up.

What are the elements of spring for me? Activities, visible signs, audible signs, and internal (emotional) signs.

Activities: going to the flower show in Boston…planting seeds inside…being able to open the windows at night without totally freezing…walking, walking, walking…planning the yard sale that I WILL have this year.

Visible signs: crocuses blooming; hyacinths , daffodils and tulips popping out of the ground; birds, birds, birds everywhere; and this year…the big plowed snow pile on the driveway finally completely melted!

Audible signs: birds, birds, birds — more variety, especially in the morning; going to sleep with tree frogs and ducks drowning out the sounds of the commuter train (we love this the most).

Emotional signs: the lifting of my spirits and energy level as I come out of winter hibernation; the desire to wash and vacuum my car (believe me…that’s special for me); wanting to let the fresh air in (despite the fact that these temperatures in the winter time we would have considered “cold”), and finally, wanting desperately to be outside as much as possible!

Gwen says:

My spring seems to be a little farther along than yours. We have no snow and none is expected. I have a single daffodil growing in my front yard.


sued51 says:

Our daffodils are just stems and leaves right now. The weather says 30’s all week…but since the calendar says it is spring we know it will end soon.


Gary says:

One of the first springs Kathy and I were together she said that it was a great sign that spring was here as the crocuses were blooming. The next day we had two feet of snow. After that she tell me the crocuses are blooming and I tell her that that’s why I left my snow shovel out.


sued51 says:

I hope the fact that you say that keeps it away! Did you say it this year?? I don’t like seeing snow on the crocuses.


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