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{March 14, 2011}   Easter Eggs and Other Hidden Treasures

My husband and I used to buy a lot of DVDs; 5-10 years ago you could get a two-disc version of a movie (with bonus material) for $19.99 or less (nowadays it seems you pay the same price for JUST the movie).  Although we purchased a lot of multi-disc DVDS, we didn’t often watch the extras. My husband thought the “Making of…” documentaries were boring and somehow spoiled some of the magic of the movie for him, but he did love to hunt for “easter eggs” (hidden extras that were not acknowledged on the box).

We recently dug out our DVD of the movie “Cold Mountain”  and watched it again. Although we have seen the movie before, we thoroughly enjoyed it this second time, especially the music.  My husband announced that he wanted to get the soundtrack and proceeded to look it up on his Blackberry.  In the meantime, I looked at the listing of bonus material and noticed that there was something called “The Words and Music of Cold Mountain.”  When I mentioned it, he was actually interested in watching it, which we had never done before.

Although he decided to skip over some of the “talky” parts at the beginning, we REALLY enjoyed it.  It was a recording of a live show at a theater.  Jack White, who wrote a lot of the music, performed some songs, and there were readings of the script by the actors from the movie, Nicole Kidman and Jude Law. Other actors read passages from the book it was adapted from by Charles Frazier, which were each followed by appropriate clips from the movie.  Hearing the passages from the book read was especially enjoyable to me because it reminded me how much I had loved it; I read it long before the movie came out. Alison Krause and Sting also gave great performances.

We ended up feeling we had a wonderfully complete experience: watching the movie and “attending” the performance of the music.  We had found a treasure right in our own home that we didn’t realize we had.


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