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{February 7, 2011}   Mailbox Mania

We’ve all heard some version of the postman’s creed that nothing will deter our mail carriers from their job.  What about annihilated mailboxes?  This winter has certainly taken its toll on them.  My husband and I walked around our neighborhood the other day, observing the mailboxes along the way.  We figured there were about 1/3 leaning and another 1/3 broken or destroyed by the plows (not to mention just plain buried), including our own.

I love seeing New Englanders’ frugality and creativity at work, though.  At this point in the winter, people are making do with mailboxes repaired with duct tape or ones without doors; they are using plastic containers on their sides sitting on top of snow piles, and I even saw a canvas bag on a pole.  According to my research on the Internet, the “creed” may not be real, but from what I have seen, it is basically treated as such: as long as the mail carriers can put the mail in something, they will.

It will be interesting to see what happens when the winter is over.  Will people purchase cheaper mailboxes, not wanting to see them destroyed again?  Will they continue with the duct-taped versions?  Tune in, in the spring.

A lot of people came to my register at Home Depot after the first couple of storms purchasing new mailboxes, new poles, and other products such as cement to put the mailbox pole in the ground.  I wonder if those people lost their new mailboxes in the storms that followed or if they wish they had waited until the spring.  One of the few customers not asking for roof rakes or ice melt the other day bought a new plastic mailbox and said, “You must be selling a lot of these.”  “Not yet,” I commented, “I think most people are making do.”


[…] of a mailbox can be short; they have to survive snowplows and bored teenagers with baseball bats. (A couple of years ago I wrote a blog about mailbox casualties after an especially snowy winter.) My philosophy is that it is not worth spending much time or money on them, but that doesn’t […]


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