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{January 24, 2011}   The Wonder of Mass Cards

I wasn’t brought up in the Catholic religion (I was baptized and confirmed in the Methodist church), but I’ve always believed in God and the power of prayer.  I do have many Catholic friends, however, who sent me lovely Mass cards on the occasion of my father’s death.  Many other members of my family received them as well.

I had never received one before, and I was initially struck by their gold-tinged artwork and the lovely prayers that were printed on the cards.  But as more cards came in, I was pleasantly surprised at how much comfort they provided to me; I felt sure my father was in the best hands possible.  Although my dad was not a religious man, he was a spiritual man, and we found notes indicating that he was praying often in his last years.  Prayer is the perfect gift.

I supposed that the Mass cards are for those left behind, rather than him.  And if that’s true, they worked.  I visualized my father moving to the front of the line to see the Lord, so to speak, and he was smiling and grateful, without pain.  Somehow I could feel it — the warmth and light created from all those prayers — and I knew he was being taken care of and at peace.

I remain thankful and grateful to all who sent them and for all the prayers being said in his honor.


Fanny says:

I’m happy to hear that the Mass cards were a comfort to you. Read the Mass cards carefully, I believe my card and others possibly as well say that Masses will be said as long as needed for your father to get him to heaven in case he needed to be in purgatory for a while to amend for any small wrongs. So they will be a comfort to him as well. If not needed by your father, it is said that the Masses are applied to other souals in puragorty in need of the prayers.


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