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{January 17, 2011}   What I Learned from the New York Jets

This is not the blog I had planned on posting today, but as we all know, sometimes plans have to be temporarily put aside to put out the fire.

Let’s make it clear: I’m a Patriots fan so this is not going to be a blog congratulating the Jets for backing up their trash talk, being prepared or playing a good game.  What I learned from them has to do with my own reaction to yesterday’s playoff debacle.

I have been one raw nerve since my father passed away one month ago.  On top of that, it happens to be a new year so I also picked this time to try to get healthy: eat healthier (diet), cut back on alcohol, etc.  So what did I do?  I used my sports team as my crutch, my escape from reality, and allowed myself to feel a totally unhealthy anticipation of them winning a GAME.  What happened?  I was devastated by something that has nothing to do with me or my life.  I was really angry, not at the Patriots for disappointing me, but at the Jets.  The loss brought up old feelings of being bullied as a child; to me the Patriots were the victims and the Jets were the big-mouthed bullies.

I don’t know any of the players or coaches on either side.  They have no knowledge of anything going on in my life and they wouldn’t care if they did.  It is just another unhealthy habit for me to care this much.

I’m finally reading Tuesdays with Morrie.  In that book, Morrie says we need to feel our emotions so we can completely understand them, and then put them aside and detach.  I’m trying to do that with this blog: wallow, understand, and move on.

My husband said, “Time to watch the Celtics and the Bruins,” but I’m thinking I need to stay away from sports for a bit — until I learn to detach.

Ed says:

Sue, After they went 18-0 to only lose in the Super Bowl should have prepared you for Sunday’s debacle. Nothing is a given! Getting emotionally rapt-up in a team is a folly fans make, including myself, but one which few players make, to them it’s just a well paying job. So take sports for what it is, a few hours diversion from the real world
and the dream that if you were a good looking 6’4″ QB you might get to cuddle with Gisele Bundchen! Then you wouldn’t feel so devastated.


sued51 says:

This felt worse because of the Jets trash talk and Rex Ryan…UGH.

Tom didn’t look in the mood to cuddle on Sunday so I’ll bet Gisele just stayed out of his way!


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