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{January 14, 2011}   Is it Just Me?

Maybe I’m just sensitive because my father just died, but I was very put off by the President’s televised speech on Wednesday night.  It wasn’t the speech itself, which I believe said the right things and was passionate and well-written; it was the forum.  I would have liked it if he was giving the speech from the Oval Office with no interruptions.  What bothered me was the hooting, hollaring and constant applause, as if the event was a sporting event…or a campaign rally.

Although we should treat such tragedies as a learning experience and an opportunity to learn what we need to do better in our own lives, it just felt inappropriate.  People died.  Their lives should be celebrated, yes, but they should also be appropriately mourned.  It seemed like having the event at the college encouraged students (and probably others) to let their excitment at the fact that the President was in attendance and speaking become more important than what really happened there.

Yes, I am VERY happy Gabby opened her eyes…they are saying it is a miracle…cheering was appropriate there.  And cheering for the people who stopped the gunman…I buy that too…otherwise…just listen, think, and pray.


Strangely I DO understand it.

Yes, anger, sorrow and horror are justified emotions. But there is also a need after an atrocity like this, especially when the perpetrator is so close to home, to stand up and say no, I’m not like them, I’m not going to let them bring me down, to outwardly celebrate life.

OK, it seemed a tad stage managed, but I think the almost confrontational celebration of life was a better move than flooding the streets with SWAT teams or the like.

Having worked in Central London for most of my adult life, I’ve been perilously close to several terrorist attacks. You become hyper aware for a while, but you just get back on the bike. I guess the Blitz Spirit remains in the air.


sued51 says:

Thanks for your comment. I did understand it on an intellectual level…I just didn’t like it on an emotional level.
For the people who were there, I’m sure it added to their experience. For me, the interruptions took away from the speech.


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