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{December 30, 2010}   Happy Anniversary…to Me

It was a year ago yesterday that I started my blog; I had noted it in my 10-year journal.  Just days from now, I will write my assessment of my year for all areas of my life and my goals for next year in a special area of my journal, but it seemed appropriate to assess my blogging effort here and now.

I’ll start with the disappointments (so I can end the blog on a positive note).  I never developed a rhythm; I never picked a particular day to post and stuck with it.  I never found one overwhelming subject I wanted to write about or became an “expert” at anything.  Consequently, I never developed a wider following other than my dear, dear friends (although I did have 60 readers for one blog and 40 for another).  Hmmm…seems pretty discouraging, but…

I actually kept at it and averaged more than one blog a week (except for the last few weeks as I dealt with the serious illness and death of my father).  Ironically, the flip side of one of my disappointments (not finding one particular focus) was also something I felt good about: I found many different things to write about because I was trying to write for others; I was less one-dimensional in my writing.  Before creating my blog, I was only writing in my journal, and very rarely in recent years, writing some poetry.  Put that one in the “pro” column: kudos for writing more than I had in the last five years (more writing, more often).

So what goals do I want to set for next year?  When I sit down to write, I don’t want it to be a rushed, last-minute activity.  I want to stay ahead and write several blog entries at a time. (In 2010 I kept a notebook with ideas, many of which I never had the opportunity to develop.)  This practice should allow me to pick a particular day to post and STICK WITH IT!  That goal is good enough for me…if I can accomplish that for myself, I won’t have to worry about the audience.  Like in “Field of Dreams” if I build it, they will come.

Fanny says:

nice assessment!


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