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{November 22, 2010}   The Personal Value of Writing

I recently went through an old shoebox of keepsakes.  One of the things in the box was an essay I had written detailing my thought processes and feelings as I planned my wedding.  I had decided to get married on a tropical island, away from my family and friends.  It was a difficult and emotional decision at the time.

Right after writing it so many years ago, I had the idea of submitting it to a bridal magazine to help other women who may have been struggling with the same decision.  I gave it to a writer friend for suggestions.  She cut paragraph after paragraph, trying to condense it and make it more about the logistics of the planning, rather than the emotional ride I took.  The copy I gave to her that she returned to me has red X-marks all over it.  I’m sure she was right—it was way too personal and emotional the way I had written it.  Unfortunately, taking all of that material out caused me to lose interest in it; thus it ended up stuck in a shoebox.  Thankfully, I had also kept my original version, with my edits all over it.

Today is my 14th wedding anniversary.  I thought about posting the essay on this blog, but it really was too long in its original form and too dry in its edited form.  I decided to keep it for myself and instead write about the value of keeping and finding writing deemed unfit for publication.  I got to relive the experience and remember what went into the making of an important decision in my life.  It is easy to remember the wonderful memories from my wedding and not as easy to remember the process that made it all so special (aside from my special spouse, of course).  It will always have value to me, whether or not it ever has value to others.

K merrifield says:

Your dreams came true Dont think twice about it you had a beautiful get together after the fact dont ever look back move forward love K


K merrifield says:

happy Anniversyy


Fanny says:

Happy Anniversary!

And you missed a high school class reunion when you were on that tropical island (St. Lucia if I recall correctly). I had to answer alot of questions about how you were doing and why you were not at the class reunion. Everyone thought it was best that you were away on a tropical island! Paradise I guess!


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