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{November 8, 2010}   Is It Really a Calico Thing?



Our vet in Tennessee told us that calicos were the “divas of the cat world.”

When our beloved calico, Simone, passed away a year ago, we adopted another calico, Zoee.  If you read my previous blog, A New Year’s Wish, you know that we felt Simone was a very special cat.  She chased hockey players on the TV, stopped our cuckoo clock, and had a special game she played with me when I changed the sheets on our bed.  It seemed Zoee had a lot to live up to.

Right after we adopted her, Zoee picked the same spot in the bed to sleep with us.  I explained that by saying she must smell where Simone liked to sleep. But Zoee took things a lot further.

She loves the cuckoo clock; she comes running when the clock strikes, and sometimes even anticipates it, waiting on the table near it for the cuckoo to sing.  Our tiger cat, Aimee, could care less about it and shows no interest.

When I make the bed, there’s Zoee, hiding under the blankets, just the way Simone used to.  She will go under each layer of sheet and blanket as I go along–no sign of Aimee.

Last, but not least, she reacts to the TV like Simone did; only her sport t is golf (see my previous blog, My Cat Likes Golf?!).  She gets up on the TV stand, stands up on her hind paws and chases the ball on the screen.

It makes us wonder: is Simone still with us in spirit, through Zoee?  Or is it a calico thing?

P.S. No disrespect to Aimee; she has her own cute behavioral quirks and we adore her, but they aren’t the same.

[…] It is a little memorial to my beloved cat, Simone, which includes her copper urn and a photo book with pictures of her over the years. They sit on a ceramic tray handmade by a stranger that I found in an antique store on a trip to Keene, NH. Under the tray is an old handmade doll quilt I got at an antique store on Cape Cod. Taken as a whole, my coffee table is truly the centerpiece of my living room. […]


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