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{October 22, 2010}   One Project Leads to Another

My husband and I have been doing some painting in our home.  Of course one project always leads to another.  My project was to begin painting the laundry room the other day while he was working.  I pulled out the clothes dryer so I could paint behind it; it had not been moved in five years.  BLECH!  The floor underneath it was a sticky mishmash of dust, water, and old detergent.  I took a break from painting to clean it up.

Now that it was pulled out, my fire safety training kicked in.  I knew I needed to clean out the vent hose.  I detached it and reached in…DOUBLE BLECH!  Although I dutifully clean out the lint filter after every load, I was unprepared for the handful after handful of wet clumps I discovered in the dryer and the hose.  I got a plastic grocery bag and filled it with the linty goo to show my husband what I found. (Be glad I didn’t post a picture here.)

Cleaning out the dryer vent should be done every year, but until something else prompted me to do it (the painting project); I kept the chore on the end of the TO-DO list.  Don’t be like me and wait for a big project to prompt you to do this.  It is a fire hazard— do it sooner rather than later.


And if you are discriminate in cleaning it out, you can save the lint and incorporate when making handmade paper! Lint from new towels is great.


sued51 says:

Thanks, Nancy. Good to know!


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