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{October 2, 2010}   Do You Believe in Telepathy? (Part 1)

Many years ago I had a male friend who always seemed to call me when I needed him.  If I thought of him with the feeling that I missed him or wanted to talk to him, the phone would ring and he would utter a perplexed hello, as if asking why I had called him!  This happened over a period of years and enough times that it did not seem like a coincidence.

I remember the two of us telling an acquaintance about the phenomenon, and the person asking us, “Is one of you the sender and one of you the receiver?”  We looked at each other—yes, I was the sender and he was the receiver.  Did that mean we both had some sort of power or only one of us?

I used to wonder if it was reincarnation phenomenon: were we connected in a previous life?  We had what I called “opposite birthdays” — the same year, but with the months and days reversed.  Did that have anything to do with it?

When we both moved on to serious relationships and marriage with other people, we lost touch, in both real life and telepathic life.  I have thought about him at times as an experiment (with nowhere near the old intensity) with no response, causing me to conclude that I wasn’t the one with the special ability.  However, I can’t conclude he had the special ability; it may have been something unique between us at a certain time and space.  I guess it will remain one of life’s mysteries.


Fanny says:

I can hardly wait for Part 2


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