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{September 23, 2010}   A Poem for Fall

I wrote this many years ago when I lived near the water and the cat described is my beloved Simone, now deceased.  It depicts a later version of the season but it seemed appropriate to post.


Summer’s bright boat specks
slapped from the bay
by a boxing wind;
sky dark as charred wood:
these days I force my walks,
my humble daydreams
of jigsaw puzzles,
thick books at home.
Shopping is daunting.
When asked, I say
this is my favorite time of year:
when dry leaves slither
and hiss around my feet;
squirrels bound across yards
like recessed children;
air, easy to breath in,
skates out in steamy puffs.
Nights, window opened,
I sleep dreamless.
My cat eats and eats;
her long fur hangs
like a middle-age paunch.
I eat and eat too;
my favorite fall vegetable:
squash, bitter winter-sun
yellow, baked and sweetened
with maple syrup.

Fanny says:

nice poem


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