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{September 7, 2010}   Milestones

Anyone who knows me knows that working concerts as a second job was a big part of my life.  I did it for fifteen years and met my husband during that time. We recently had a get-together with the concert-working friends who were such a fixture in our life at one time and had a great time.

We played a variation on the “Where were you when…” game.  We went around the circle of people sitting on the deck and each answered the question, “What was the first concert you went to, and how old were you?” The answers brought a lot of ooohs, aaahs and laughter.  The answers ranged from Creedence Clearwater to Three Dog Night.  There was actually someone who said it was the Beatles!  It was definitely a fun exercise.  It was followed by the question, “What was the best concert you worked?”  This was a much harder question to answer and degenerated into multiple simultaneous debates.

I was 17 when I went to my first concert; it was The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, and Boz Scaggs at Schaffer Stadium (the New England Patriots’ old home).  Two other people had been at the same concert (including my husband who I didn’t meet until many years later).  At the time I was interested in seeing the Eagles.  After the concert I went right out and bought Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours” album…a real classic.

If you want to get conversation flowing at a party (especially one with mixed age groups) try this exercise.  It will be sure to get the party going!


Bernadette says:

Mine was the Monkees on one of their anniversary tours. Best concert I ever worked? Hmmm. Any of the ones I worked with both of you ( ha ha ha). That would be a tough one. I loved working the Andrea Boccelli concert at the Woods but would have to say it was probably the Buffet concerts where I got to patrol the parking lot at the beginning of the day and then worked down front for the show. But then again working the “alternative dancing area” during some of the shows runs a close second. Working concerts was a fun job and a way to meet people and I got two great friends out of the deal – yes that would be you and alan.


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