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{August 25, 2010}   Things that Make me go “Mew”…

My sister Zoee got to write a blog a while ago; I wanted to write one too, but I’m so shy it took me a while to work up the courage.

Zoee is so loud and constantly “talking”; I have a tiny voice.  When I speak it is just a “mew” or what mama calls a “squeak”, but I talk in other ways.  When I want mommy and daddy to get up, I rattle the knob on the bedside table (daddy has treats hidden in there).  I stand at the sink and squeak when I want water. When I want mommy to give me Fancy Feast sprinkles on top of my breakfast, I go in the pantry and sit on the container where they are kept.

I don’t like strangers so I hide under the bed when they come, I let Zoee greet them and entertain them.  It’s not my thing. I do like to look out the window, but I have no interest in going out there.


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