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{July 30, 2010}   High-Profile Chores vs. Invisible Chores

High-profile chores are chores that are “visible” and provide a sense of accomplishment like vacuuming, dusting, or doing the dishes.  You can tell when these chores have been done; things look neater and cleaner, and you feel happy and proud of your environment.  But what about the invisible chores, such as filling the soap dispenser, emptying the trash buckets, and watering the plants.  You only notice when they aren’t done.

For me, it seems like the invisible chores, which usually only take minutes at a time, are squeezed in between other tasks, but they add up.  Because they are “invisible,” they leave me feeling like time is gone and I didn’t get anything done.  Add to that, the fact that there are so many of them (count changing the toilet paper roll and washing out bottles and cans for recycling in this category), and I  (and my husband) wind up questioning what I’ve done around the house.  I think it would be a good experiment to keep track of them for a week—keep a list with completion time (in minutes and/or seconds) and add them up.

Of course, some of the invisible chores are chores that I choose to do—like having pets and plants.  That’s why I won’t call them “thankless” tasks.  I get a lot of pleasure from my pets and plants, they “thank” me in their own way for being taken care of.  The “invisible” chores are like saying “thank you” and “you’re welcome”; they are second-nature and make the world a better place.  So maybe I shouldn’t be keeping track of them at all—doing those things has to be something that gives me self-satisfaction and makes me who I am. Lesson learned…


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