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{July 12, 2010}   Scheduling Fun

As I was reading the July issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine, one of the entries on her feature, “Martha’s Calendar” caught my eye: “Go for a sunrise swim in Lily Pond pool”.  It made me smile; why don’t I have things like that on my calendar?

I used to feel a rich person’s calendar was a joke for “regular” people like me; there was no way I could relate to it.  “I’m sure she has people to do everything for her,” I assumed, but then I looked more closely; most of the entries on her published calendar are workout plans and social events that she would be participating in herself.  What really struck me about the swim entry was that the only time I have taken a “sunrise” swim was when I was on vacation.  But why?  I have a pool; I could do the same thing anytime I want.  Someone who lives near the ocean could do the same thing too, but most of us would not go so far as to plan it and write it on our calendar.

Work doesn’t have to stand in the way of a sunrise swim (unless you have to go to work before sunrise).  It is simply a matter of planning to do it and committing to it.  Why don’t we enjoy pleasures like picnics and sunrise swims more often?  For me, it is because I think of these activities as “spontaneous pleasures” or “vacation pleasures.”

Where did I get that idea?  I don’t know, but I want to start thinking of fun things to put on my schedule.  If I start small–once a month–I may be successful.  If I’m successful, life will be more fun; who doesn’t want that?

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