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{June 21, 2010}   How Do You Decorate (Part II)?

Do you change certain areas of your house in association with different holidays, or different seasons?  Outside or inside or both?  I have to admit, I love driving around in the summertime in New England because between the flowers and colorful “summertime” yard decorations, I think our yards are second to none.  Thanks to Ocean State Job Lot and Christmas Tree shops, we don’t have to spend a ton to decorate our homes.

I remember reading that the amount of money spent on Halloween decorations is now second only to Christmas.  Yet, decorations are one of the first things I cut from my budget when times got tough (yes, I even have to stay away from Ocean State and Christmas Tree to avoid temptation).  Luckily for me, I already had enough, not necessarily to decorate my whole house (except Christmas, for which I probably have enough decorations to do a couple of houses), but at least to decorate the buffet in my kitchen.  I tend to confine my decorating to that one spot, although I do decorate outside for Memorial Day/Flag day/July 4th.

I wonder how much Americans spend on decorating a year.  We would probably all be surprised to find out.  Some of people’s creative (no cost) decorating is a little strange (read, toilets full of flowers in the front yard), but all and all, Americans seem to find a way to decorate, despite their finances.


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