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{June 15, 2010}   How Do You Decorate?

I’ve never studied decorating, so I don’t know decorating jargon.  I find Feng Shui interesting, but that tells me more where to place things than what I should put together.  I hav always labeled my decorating “eclectic” because it is not about a period (modern), a subject (the ocean), or a place (French Country or southwestern); my home is simply full of things I like.  I think a lot of people decorate that way.

If I were to categorize my decorating, I would say my decorating is color-based. I like to tie everything together using varying shades of the same color or two.  I don’t want to make it sound like I’m monochromatic; it just makes me feel comfortable to surround myself with different shades of the same color.  The wrong color jars me in a way that an antique next to something modern does not.  Someone else might walk into my home and be appalled that I have an antique table with a modern vase on top.

How do you decorate? I know people who decorate based on a book or the latest theme.  To me, it seems like they are decorating based on what someone else thinks is the way to do it, not by their own feelings.  I remember an episode of “House” where he told his friend, Wilson, that he was not decorating based on who he was or his own feelings; he bought what a decorator told him to buy.  House sent the furniture back.  Later Wilson bought furniture he liked and House was proud.

Bottom line, though I think people should decorate using what makes them comfortable.  Above all, the occupant of a home should feel comfortable in it no matter what the books, experts, or magazines say.


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