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{June 9, 2010}   First Love Revived

My creative writing teacher in high school, Mr. Kawalski, told me, “If you want to write poetry, you have to read poetry every day”.  I hear this advice in my head every time I read poetry, which lately has been much too rarely; certainly not enough to inspire me to write poetry the way I did at past periods of my life.

Mr. K’s advice came back to me again recently when reading the obituary of June Beisch, complete with lines from her poems.  They captured me and made me want to read more, reviving a dry, wilted part of my mind and soul, bringing back feelings of being in love with poetry — the way I felt as a teenager when I found Leaves of Grass in the attic and began to read it.

Right now I am spending so much of my energy trying to survive, there seems to be no time left for feeding my mind.  I am trapped at the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs with the top of the pyramid nowhere in sight.

June Beisch took up writing poetry at 43 and published one poetry book.  Neither Mr. K nor Ms. Beisch know that I am thinking of them and receiving inspiration from them, but that’s the way life is.  I hope that someone someday may be reading my obituary and a few lines of a poem I wrote may capture their interest and rekindle a lost love.

Gary says:

Let’s hope that’s many years in the future.


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