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{June 1, 2010}   Family Lore

Does your family have stories that are told over and over until they reach “legend” proportions?  My family seems to have many such stories. Everybody knows them, even the younger people who weren’t alive when they happened.  Husbands and wives also know the stories.  Like when the family was playing a game and my oldest brother slammed his coffee cup down on the table and shattered it because he lost the game.  When I was babysitting for my two younger brothers and one of my brothers fell off the garage roof and the youngest came in the house to tell me he was “dead”, scaring the heck out of me.  When I was babysitting and my brothers were fighting at the top of the stairs; I threw pairs of shoes at them to get them to stop, and they threw all the shoes back down the stairs at me all at once, but at least they stopped fighting.  How my grandmother said she was going to watch movies in the afterlife because she was buried within sight of the old drive-in.

My husband recently told his niece some of their family stories.  She lost her mother over two years ago and has no siblings.  She has to carry on her family lore alone, which is difficult.  She has a box full of photos from her mother, but doesn’t have the narration that goes with them.  It made me think about the importance of the stories we tell about each other in binding us to our families and keeping us from forgetting those we have lost.  They live on in family lore.

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