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{May 19, 2010}   How do you “Treat” Yourself?

A veterinarian told us that treats for our cats should not be those packaged as such, but a piece of chicken or fish.  But our cats go crazy for some of the packaged treats (especially the ones called “Temptations”), so it is hard to adhere to that advice.  What would the kitties pick if they could?

I remember as a child what an exciting treat it was to go out for an ice cream cone or sundae.  I live near a couple of dairy farm ice cream stands that have lines all spring and summer long, but I’m never in them.  I rarely eat ice cream anymore, and if I do, I eat it at home.  It just seems too expensive to go out to get it served to me when I can buy it at the store and eat it at home.  When did that treat change for me?

Economic and/or health concerns have changed my idea of what a “treat” is for me.  There are some things I miss and some things I don’t.  When I was young I worked at a movie theater.  I ate popcorn just about every day.  When I stopped doing that, I went through a phase when I was working in an office and was eating microwave popcorn several times a week, resulting in a lot of extra pounds.  I figured out it was the popcorn and stopped eating it.  Now every once in a while I drag out my popcorn popper at home and make popcorn.  I now consider it a treat.  Similarly, because donuts are so bad for me, I almost never eat them.

I don’t seem to have as much time as I used to just to read a book or magazine without feeling guilty.  These days I concentrate most of my energies on saving money (i.e., cutting coupons, shopping for deals, making food from scratch, etc.).  So, to take some time to quietly read a book or magazine nowadays is a definite treat.

I would like to say the change in my thinking is an age-related phenomenon, but the other day I met some elderly people who were making an event out of going to one of the dairy farm ice cream stands.  My parents do the same.  So why isn’t it a treat to me?  Mindset – Mine is set in practical/economical mode right now, which doesn’t include going out for an ice cream sundae.

To go back to what the veterinarian said, the best treat should not be something unhealthy for you.  But doesn’t the definition of “treat” include “fun” combined with a certain amount of “guilt”? My treats these days are virtually guiltfree and the fun factor is much diminished.  So…are they still “treats”?

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