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{May 17, 2010}   To Color or Not to Color

I mull the choice.  A few gray hairs are okay; they represent wisdom acquired from life experiences and the reality of truly being a grownup.  But when you start to look like you got sideswiped by a wet white paint brush, it is time to make a decision.  I find myself torn.

Professional coloring at the hairdresser is expensive, and it is necessary to do it multiple times a year.  With my current state of part-time employment, this is money I don’t have: therein lies the rub.  In answer to that issue…I can do it at home, but that choice, though cheaper, requires a lot of time and clean-up.  It doesn’t last as long so I have to do it more often, probably negating the savings to some extent.

Another factor I consider: it is better for my health (as well as my pocketbook) not to do it (not to mention a heck of a lot easier).  But though my husband doesn’t mind the “no makeup” look, his opinion is that hair with too much white/gray looks “frumpy”.  He teases me constantly about my white/gray hair, which I have to admit is a big factor in my decision.  He was lucky to be born with blonde/light brown hair that doesn’t show the gray and constantly receives compliments that he doesn’t look his age.  I don’t get the same comments, especially if I let the grays grow wild like groundcover on my head.

Bottom line:  because of our youth-oriented culture and due to my part-time employment mode, I feel like it is really a necessity to do it.  The choice really isn’t to dye it or not to dye it at this point; the choice really is, do it myself with washout color, or pay the money and get it done professionally. And so a new debate begins…


i rated this 5 because i am going through the same dilemma. At the moment i will resist the expense of colouring, but maybe one day


Bernadette says:

I know where you are coming from. Haven’t colored my hair since January but like your hubby, I am lucky that the gray blends in with my curly hair and with the hope of the sun adding a few light streaks I should be okay for a bit – until I dry my hair straight and then lookout gray city.

I vote color it and do it yourself. There are plenty of good hair colors on the market that last longer than the last time we probably colored our own hair.

Good luck.


Hubby says:

Frumpy is as frumpy does, there are plenty of sexy women out in the world with grey hair, but the hair is offset usually with an elegance and sex appeal that only comes with age, shoes, well fitting jeans etc,they really turn it on in a different way xoxoxoxo


Fanny says:

I just dyed my hair on Saturday to get ready for Patrick’s graduation this past Sunday. I use Revlon Colorsilk because it is very inexpensive. It only lasts about a month but the price is still right.


Madoqua says:

It takes a lot of life experiences to create grey hair. Perhaps one should start a culture which says grey indicates wisdom and knowledge… Then everyone will want grey hair!


sued51 says:

What a world it would be! 🙂


I started out in my 20s – because so did the grays – doing my own hair. Now I have it done. I can’t say that it looks great right now, but she makes it look a lot better. After I got so much of it, my hair changed from straight to naturally frizzy and curly. I never should have complained about straight hair because gray hair is unruly! 🙂


sued51 says:

Thanks for your comment. You are so right! I think my issue is not so much with the color of the grays but their texture…like you stuck your finger in a socket!


It’s weird, buy mine didn’t change texture until the last few years – late fifties. Before that, they were as calm and straight as my brown ones. 🙂


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