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{May 11, 2010}   Zoee Speaks

Susan has been so busy lately that she is allowing me to guest blog—what fun!  I am happy to do it because I always have a lot to say; I always answer when she calls me and say, “That’s me!”

When Susan gets out of the shower I ask her to turn on the faucet so I can drink and play in the sink.  This was a fun game for us until my little sister Aimee joined in.  She’s always following me around and sucking up to Susan and Alan, taking attention away from me.  She can be annoying, but I put up with her because she cleans up after me in the litter box and she gives me good baths.  She also lets me eat first, except when it comes to treats, and then she tries to steal mine if I don’t eat fast enough.

Well, that’s all I have to say for today…it’s nap time…


Fanny says:

Alan — did you write this for the cat?
Or did Susan write it?

Any ways — I hope the whole household including the cats are fine.

Sue — I hope your dad is doing well


sued51 says:

Zoee dictated it; I typed it. LOL


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